Commercial Finance Solutions

Providing Non-Dilutive Sources of Working Capital Funding

Accounts Payable Financing

Accounts Payable Financing facilities provide a non-dilutive source of working capital when compared with alternate sources of conventional debt and venture capital financing. Accounts Payable Financing provides a rare win/win value proposition to all parties involved.

A/P Buyer Benefits

  • Provides positive earnings and cash flows without using any of your own capital or resources
  • Creates a reputation of being a Buyer that takes care of their suppliers
  • Increases your margins by better supplier pricing due to payment certainty
  • Takes advantage of readily available capital instead of an interest bearing expense.
  • Strengthens your supply chain by providing liquidity and working capital by improving supplier relationships

A/P Supplier Benefits

  • Your supplier benefits from early payment.
  • This improves the overall business of the Supplier by providing them with accelerated cash flow
  • Eliminates non-value-added collection efforts and reduces DSO’s
  • Extra working capital can be used to increase their purchasing power to provide better prices to you

Apply now for A/P Financing facilities to improve the overall business relationship between you and your supplier by providing them with accelerated payment.