Equipment Financing

There are two main options when you need equipment for your business, leasing or financing. Each has its advantages. Let us help you decide which is right for you.
  • Leasing: With leasing, you don’t own the equipment; you’re essentially renting it for a specified period. At the end of the lease term, you typically have the option to return the equipment, renew the lease, or purchase the equipment at its residual value.
  • Financing: Equipment financing involves taking out a loan to purchase the equipment outright. Once the loan is paid off, you own the equipment outright.

What is a Sale/Leaseback?

In a sale/leaseback transaction, the owner of an asset sells it to someone else, usually a finance company, then immediately leases the asset back from the buyer.

Is a Sale/Leaseback Right for You?

The advantage of a sale/leaseback is that it allows the owner of an asset to free up cash/capital. As with a regular lease, a sale/leaseback gives you the ability to purchase equipment your business needs without using up your cash or line of credit.